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At IWG we understand the process of building, and remodeling, we are a General contractor, and State Licensed Glass, and glazing specialist. 

We prefer to work with a Builder on these projects, but also work directly with homeowners.

The team at IWG has worked on some of the most prestigious existing homes in Palm Beach, Jupiter Island, and all throughout Florida, we specialize in replacing windows, and doors, especially in Historical areas with complex older structures, but also are very experienced in standard homes.

We are experts at measuring existing Windows, and Doors, and providing the most accurate Estimates possible, in a timely manner.

We take extreme care when ordering Windows, and Doors to ensure the client is getting exactly what they want, and that the windows and doors ordered fit the existing opening as they should, every detail matters..

At IWG we have extensive experience in high end homes, and know what it takes to do a good job even when the home is being lived in, we pride ourselves in being on time, neat, and clean, and accommodating, 

We deliver and install products with extra care, we use only the best Installation crews that have been factory trained, and have tremendous amounts of experience.

We use only the best waterproofing products.

We see the project through, provide service from only the best service technicians,

We provide Permitting & Engineering services if needed.

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